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The Christmas Box, now on iTunes and Apple Music!

Indulge yourself in the Holiday season with the magical Christmas Box! The mini-album contains Jayme’s popular Christmas songs - Be Home This Christmas, When Santa is Singin, Wishing you a Merry Christmas (Wishing you a Happy New Year) and Christmas in New York. All songs are remastered in Santas workshop, so expect a jolly good time when playing the box out loud. Best of all, the Christmas Box comes with a free Sing-Along book on iTunes (or download a pdf. copy right here.)

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Happy Holidays!


New Music! - In Motion EP (2018)

The singer/songwriter album contains amazing and heartfelt written songs, and is the beginning of a new musical journey. Coming from a personal and emotional place, the songs are grounded and pure, inspiring and written and performed with heart and soul.

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Jayme will be representing Dutch songwriter talent at the 2018 MusExpo in Los Angeles. Like to take this chance to meet up with Jayme to talk music? contact the management bellow. For live show-cases keep your eyes on the MusExpo official site www.musexpo.net


About Jayme Xaya :

In 2008 Jayme released his first single Julia (Tango). The song became a huge success World-Wide and was on top of many Latin music charts. His passionate way of songwriting and performing results in timeless songs like ‘Time for Change has Come,’ ‘Bus Stop,’ and ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me.’ His 2011 debut album ‘XI’ compiled beautiful new songs written and produced in 11 months time, and show-off that he owns more than one genre. From reggae to old school country, from latin to contemporary. And there isn’t a Christmas playlist complete without his romantic ‘Be Home This Christmas’  and uplifting ‘When Santa is Singin’ Christmas songs.

Working on many collabs with other talented artists, Jayme is best known for his work with NYC based B2DANCE, and the many many Global dance hits in the likes of ‘Everybody on the Dance Floor’ and ‘Party Animals’ to name a few.

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